Saturday, February 28, 2009

Into Attraction

Turning lemons into lemonade, the Law Of Attraction applied.

This whole idea of using the law of attraction to grow ones business is such a fertile topic, that I wanted to talk a bit more about that. Specifically I want to talk about the idea that contrast creates clarity. Contrast is that which we do not want, we do not like and we feel is bad. Clarity is the opposite. Clarity is becoming clear on what it is we do want, like and want more of in our lives. The Law Of Attraction teaches us that it is thru the contrast what we can and should gain clarity on what we are wanting to create in our lives. I have really been exploring the idea of Contrast creates clarity and more specifically, what is the role of contrast in manifesting. The results of this for me have been astounding.

According to many followers contrast is that which we do not want in our lives but which helps us all to gain clarity on what we do want. As such, contrast can become enormously helpful to us in becoming clear on how we want things to go or look like in our lives. We bounce of the contrast. The contrast becomes the thing we hate thus gently moving us to the natural next step in the creating process, asking the question "IF NOT THIS THAN WHAT DO I WANT"? It is thru this process of becoming clear about what we do want and putting that vibration out into the universe, that we begin to become deliberate attractors.

An example of this in my life would be yesterday when I was talking with my daughter about her getting a summer job while home from college, She began to get agitated and I could feel her becoming closed and angry. Initially my reaction was to think about how she is unmotivated and that made me feel angry. That feeling of anger and her lack of motivation to work and earn her own spending money for next year in college was the contrast.( what I did not like ) I then asked myself, "what do I want?" Well that's easy I want her to have the motivation to work this summer, save most of her money from that job and feel proud that she will be contributing to here financial well being next year by having her own money in the bank to spend.

I began to really think about the ideal situation with her and work and even visualize how that would feel for her and me once she had successfully worked and saved her money. Guess what? My mood changed and as such I began to put forth a positive vibration around this situation, out into the universe. This positive vibe around my daughters working this summer will most certainly come back to us in the form of her having a productive and positive summer job experience. I used the contrast of my initial conversation around work and money with her to ask myself "so what do I want this summer to be like for her work and money wise?" I felt much better and that positive feeling is what creates a positive result.

I like the idea that things are not perfect in my life or the world and that's not only normal but also helpful for me in my journey of creating what I want my life to be like. Rather than being a failure at using the Law Of Attraction, the presence of contrast (that which I do not want) becomes a tool for me to always ask the "what do I want?" It is in this asking,"what do I want?" that I begin to use the LOA in its most pure form. Remember, the LOA finds your vibration, matches it and brings you more of the same. So by my asking, "what do I want?" I change my vibration from a negative one to a positive one thus manifesting that which I want, rather than that which I do not want.

I know that by my asking the question, "what do I want?", I am thinking, and vibrating about that which I want to create, rather than that which I do not like or want in my life. I turn a negative into a positive. For me the asking, "what do I want", is radical in its possessiveness. This idea of contrast creates clarity also allows me to recognize that the presence of things I don't like is normal and in fact becomes a helpful tool in my creating what I want with the LOA. .

By recognizing contrast and using it to get clear on what we do want we are turning a negative into a positive. We may not be able to change a bad situation, but we can always use that situation to get clear on what we do want and begin to put that idea out into the universe.

Remember, there is great power in the question, "what do I want", use that often and life will surely change in wonderful ways.
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Have fun with this and be gentle on yourself in the process

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